MBM Pump

MBM ANSI Chemical Process Pumps are designed for operating reliability, easy maintenance and maximum interchangeability.

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MBM Pumps are designed  for operating reliability, easy maintenance and maximum  interchangeability. These pumps offer superior hydraulics and wide coverage to meet exact requirements at best efficiency. Heavy duty bearing assembly ensures rugged and dependable service. Improved hydraulic coverage and higher efficiencies can be obtained from various models. Wide range of materials available to meet any service requirement.

Metalic Pumps construction offered in Various Materials

  • CS
  • CF8M
  • CF3M
  • CD4MCu
  • CW7M
  • HAST – C
  • HAS-B

Top centreline discharge self-venting casing design fully confined casing gasket – casing foot support for handling misalignment, distortion from pipe loads and suitable for back pull-out construction.

The back plate is designed for gland packing and mechanical seal installation. The large bore provided in case of mechanical seal arrangement enhances the mechanical seal life. The flow path in series ‘MBM’ pumps is between the rear of the impeller and face of the back plate. The abrasive and erosive wear takes place on the face of the back plate and not on the expensive casing. This feature reduces the replacement costs.

A single piece shaft is designed for minimum deflection. All critical surfaces are ground for precision fitment of bearings. coupling hubs, etc. Shaft threads are machined with close tolerances for effective impeller fitment. PTFE impeller gasket provides maximum protection to impeller and shaft threads.

The unique impeller design offers special advantages not available on conventional impellers:

  • Impeller clearances of rotor assembly can be adjusted on the maintenance shop bench itself. This reduces down time of the equipment.
  • Efficient pump operation even in marginal NPSH conditions is possible which helps to reduce cavitation problems.
  • Helps to maintain low seal chamber pressure, aids efficient shaft sealing and improved seal life.
  • The impeller vanes located on the back plate side greatly reduce the thrust loads on the bearings and provide enhanced bearing life.

The casing of the self-priming pump has a built-in priming chamber. The rotor assembly of the standard series ‘MBM’ pump can be used for this pump. There is on need of foot valve or frequent priming of the pump.

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