Mechanical Seals

Agitator Seal

Agitator seal are cartridge seals for use in Agitators, Mixers and Reactor Vessels

Metal Bellow Seal

Metal bellow seals specially designed for high temperature application and suitable for high start-up toque since the bellows unit is independent of torque transmission.

Multi Spring Seal

Type VT- 9 / VT – 9W are multi spring, pusher type unbalanced seals used for universal applications.

PTFE Bellow Seal

PTFE bellow seal faces are replaceable and can be supplied with hard materials suitable for abrasive services.

Single Coil Spring Seal

Single coil spring seal is single coil spring seal developed for light contamination, dirty media and clogging type application.

High Pressure Seal

Mechanical seals are designed for heavy duty service involving high pressure and sliding velocities.